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AiTestPro- Automate Testing without Scripting!

A t the end of each Sprint, Test Automation is now part of the delivery.
A Dream made Reality with AiTestPro.

T est-automation artifacts are automatically generated the moment a developer unit tests their code. The test-automation artifacts are automatically merged "GIT Style" ensuring test-automation artifacts correspond to the latest release!

T est-Automation-Artifacts are test-framework independent and is used by the AiTestPro™ Framework Interpreter to drive standard or custom frameworks like Selenium or Protractor or ...

S elenium scripts are also generated by AiTestPro™ for those who prefer to have scripts in legacy format.

D ata Grams – a graphical display of the work-flow of the Application interface adds value to the project. Features in the App that are untested and deltas between versions are identified.

E xecution times for each step are captured, enabling developers to improve performance during the Sprint - rather than rework the project at the final stages.

O n-premise or Network version of AiTestPro™ is available.

R educes dependency on experienced script developers to achieve test automation. Any tester with domain knowledge of the system can produce the test-automation artifacts.

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Features of AiTestPro

  • API testing (Single/Multi step with data sets)
  • Application Web Interface testing
  • White Black box Testing with VSCode plug-in
  • Performance tracking
  • Cross Verify data against
    • Databases
    • Formulas
    • Data files
    • Other Web sites
  • Data sets for Smoke, Regression, ...
  • Optimized Test flows
  • Execute using existing Test Framework
  • Scheduled or On-Demand Execution
  • Execution logs, screen shots and video
  • Faults reported to JIRA
  • CI-CD integrated with Jenkins
  • Optional script file generation
  • Data Gram to visualize business flow and test coverage